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Burnt Cedar Cladding – Shou Sugi Ban

The ancient Japanese art of burning timber to provide a beautiful and long lasting product is a technique that we have a proven expertise to supply, design and install. The manufacturing process is detailed, accurate and dangerous; one that we have perfected… Shou Sugi Ban


Traditional techniques are used by us to offer uniqueness to each individual project. There are many finishes and textures we can provide for interior and exterior projects. From the traditional highly burnt fragile looking to the sleek and contemporary finish; we provide them all.

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Carbonised effect composite decking and wall coverings like no other, with colours that compare to the dying embers of a log fire and the charred effects of a burnt wooden board. Our composite range of Japanese inspired Millboard products made from rubber coated polyurethane available in Carbonised Oak and Embered Oak effects ... coming soon.

Shou Sugi Ban Range ...

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Shou Sugi Ban Cladding

Burnt Cedar Cladding gives a style and elegance to internal and external walls that just can't be imitated.
We have the crafted skills to supply many finishes.

Charred Hardwood Flooring

We've been supplying flooring for many years, and nothing gets a reaction from a client than watching as we create their Shou Sugi Ban burnt flooring.

Specialist Wall Covering

It's lovely both inside and out, but in internal living spaces, the texture and finish is simply stunning to behold, It's the in thing!

Shou Sugi Ban Specialists.

Commercial Cladding Installation

Not to be confused with any other cladding product, Shou – Sugi – Ban cladding installation is a specialist service that we excel with. We build unique and innovative commercial wall coverings. Our exterior constructions are a creation of custom-made fixtures and fittings. Our specialist burnt cladding is well calculated, durable and warranted.

Contact us in the first instance to explore how we can assist and provide you with the right timber and perfect burnt finish for your project

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